Haskel Sears portfolio includes full-scale commercial and residential projects, design leadership and exclusively crafted interiors.



  • Urban relics are restored as functional public spaces with a story to tell.
  • Uniquely styled new construction brings renewed life to old neighborhoods.


  • Challenging structural renovations are completed with rigorous attention to detail.


Haskel Sears carefully examines materials and space looking for natural beauty and environmental ambiance waiting to be revealed in an existing building or begging to be included in a new structure. With a highly developed eye for what works combined with the artistry of an experienced carpenter, Haskel Sears has become renowned for both craftsmanship and structural integrity.


Years of training and experience building furniture has seeded a solid foundation for the construction process and the use of repurposed materials. A core value of sustaining the environment leads Matt to use reclaimed lumber, environmentally sensitive adhesives and finishes, and smarter use/reuse of resources. Sears is proud to be an active member of Chattanooga’s green community.


Haskel Sears' design and production choices (what we make and how we make it) are based upon green principles, progressive design and sustainable development. Simply put, Matt deeply believes that wasting wood and other readily available, character-enriched materials is a serious wrong. 

Regionally sourced lumber ranges from tear-down projects to wood milled years ago. Metal works may be salvage finds or from commercial waste. Many of these pieces show their character from first use, including scars and marks from nails and fasteners; other pieces are as untouched as the day they were produced.



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